Vets that capon? (In US)

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Mar 28, 2020
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So let me first say I don't have roosters, and don't plan on getting them, and therefore don't ever intend to capoon any bird, I know the risks, this is just me being curious

I found out about capooning about a week ago and just been reading up on it just for the sole purpose of curing quarantine boredom, and I discovered it's not illegal anywhere in the US (although there are age restrictions put into the laws) but I also noticed at least around me I can't find a single vet that does it, I even emailed a vet and he said he didnt even know about it and doesn't know of any place that does it, I was just curious if there are vets that do it still? I'm located in Washington, I'm curious if it's just here that doesn't do it, I know it's a very conservative topic and the welfare is questionable but I'm just curious if anyone knows of vets that do it and what state the vet are in, once again this is purely for curiousity, I am not advocating for or against and I'm trying my best to not start any debate on if it should be done
If you go to the Meat Birds ETC section, there is a very long thread regarding caponizing. It's mostly discussed in that section.

Very few vets will do it, but I believe there is someone in Washington State who has substantial experience with caponizing.

Note: It can't really be done under anesthesia, because anesthetics for mammals will kill chickens.

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