Viability of eggs

I lost my favorite hen today, my roommate's dog broke through the electric fence and caught her. I'm heartbroken as she was the best little girl. She'd follow me around the yard and help me with gardening. I do have some of her eggs as she's the only one who's still laying, and she laid through the winter last year too. If I were to try to set them, what kind of viability would I have? They've been on the counter in my kitchen, unwashed since she laid them. The most recent would be from last week before the temps dropped below freezing outside, but it was by no means warm before then. The temp inside has been about 65 F. Is there any hope to incubating them?
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Mar 25, 2018
Rural Ontario
If you collected them fairly quickly after they were laid you might have some luck with viability and really worse case scenario you candle them in a week and there is no development. I think the chance of getting some babies from your favorite chicken is worth trying to incubate!

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