Viable egg at a little over two weeks?

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    We have a bit of a situation and don't know how to proceed. One of our hens went broody, and while we were getting things together to separate her from our other hens, our other hens laid a few under her. She has 3 hatchlings right now, all 3-5 days old, and still had three unhatched under her. We checked the eggs today because she isn't sitting on them as often anymore. One was stinking so we knew it was a dud, another had no blood vessels visable so we also got rid one it. The third, had blood vessels but still looked like it has another week of development left.. The fetus/yolk would move as I turned it on the flashlight, usually floating to the top (I had it on it's side). Is there a way to see if it's still alive and worth trying to hatch with a heating lamp or other methods? It was a bit cold when we picked it up so I think our broody has all but abandoned it, but if it's still viable I'd like to try to still hatch it.
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    Many eggs survive a cooling off period so if you want to go ahead and pop it in an incubator odds on it will hatch. You'll be able to tell if you candle it again in a few days and it has developed further.

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