VIDEO OF MOUSE KILLER (Not for the Squeamish)


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
Collierville (Memphis), TN
I totally understand your feelings. Let me assure you we discovered this by accident. I very much believe in not letting an animal suffer and I can assure you it is VERY quick.

We have a real problem with mice in our barn, and because I don't have the stomach for snap traps (too much blood and stuff). I first tried releasing them to find they just made their way back to the barn to poop all over my feed area. The manufacturer suggested drowning - that is very cruel. I see it as a good use for a natural resource that needs to be eliminated for the health of all of my animals and family. They are killed quickly (almost at the point they are caught or just seconds later), and a useful source of protein for our laying hens. We are not vegetarians, so I guess I see it as a circle of life thing.

Again, I assure you it is very quick, but I understand your feelings, and I apologize if you found it offensive - certainly not intended. Sorry if my warning was not strong enough.

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