Vietnamese Chickens (finding information and where to buy)?

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    Hi everyone!

    This is my very first post on Backyard Chickens, so let's see how well this goes...

    First of all, my family will definitely be raising the chickens in New England, specifically Vietnamese breeds because my family likes the taste better than American breeds (albeit we haven't tasted all of the breeds). Some basic info on us is that we want to raise them for both egg laying and meat purposes. The problem is I can't find much information on them. Since their origins are tropical climate Vietnam, will they be able to survive the harsh New England winters? I read that if a chicken breed has been around locally for a few generations, then they should be fine no matter what the origins. Will they be good dual-purpose breeds? Is there any place in the USA where I can buy them?

    I've been looking for a very specific breed that my dad used to raise in Vietnam when he was a boy. The problem is that he doesn't know the breed's name, but he says they look very much like gà văn phú (pictured below). From what he remembers, they were good layers and had good meat. If we can't find the gà văn phú, then we'll try looking for the other breeds listed.

    I have the names of these chickens in Vietnamese, but perhaps there are English names out there so I can search for more info? Anyway, here's the list. If anyone can help out, it would be greatly appreciated!

    1) Gà Văn Phú: This chicken is the one that my dad says looks the most like the chickens he used to raise in Vietnam.


    2) Gà Tiên Yên

    Gà Tre​
    : Pretty, isn't it?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gà Tàu Vàng​

    5) Gà Móng

    If there really isn't any info out there, then I'll just try to go to Chinatown to buy the live chickens there. I'm not sure if those chickens are imported from Asia or raised here, but I'll try to get in contact with the breeder to get a rooster along with the hens. To be honest, I'm posting this because there's an off chance that I'll find info on these chickens, but I'm still hoping!

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    Rosie did you find any? My dad used to raise #3.

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