Vindaloo can now stand but can't walk

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  1. History is that she had blocked crop, then lost the use of her legs. All she's had is mango, pawpaw (both sprinkled liberally with vit B complex), layer mash and water with added vit B.
    She's been able to stand up for 2 days now although she does seem to be getting stronger. She gets very annoyed that she can't walk. When she tries, she starts to wobble. I put her in the bath so the water stabilised her but she didn't even attempt to walk then.
    I've tried supporting her and tried helping her to move her legs. It all fails.
    Any suggestions? I guess it's not out of the realms of possibility that she has to learn to walk?
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    Unfortunately a lot of your chickens symptoms in this thread and your last one sound a bit like Mareks disease. Hopefully it isn't, but did she have the vaccine? Crop problems and problems standing and walking are common.
  3. Hi, no she's never been vaccinated. We live on Magnetic Island (only 2500 people), Queensland, Australia. I'm hoping there is no Marek's on the island. She's getting better very slowly. I was having to bathe her twice a day to keep her clean, now there is no need. She's actually re-learning to walk. I'm worried that her brain isn't working properly as she misses her food when she first starts to eat, but I watched her take 6 steps this morning (it was 3 yesterday and the day before) and she can get about, so I don't need to put her food right beside her anymore. I'm still crushing up a vit B and giving it to her on soft fruit most days although she didn't get much today because she didn't like the shop bought nectarine - she prefers home grown mangoes and pawpaws but we've run out. I'm really hoping she will be able to join the other 2 soon. I'm going away in 6 weeks and I don't know how my husband will cope with a sick chook.
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    When my chicken had these symptoms, I kept her in a cage, so she was close to food and water, and could scoot herself around to get to them. I opened B complex capsules and put the powder in and on everything that went into her mouth...all day every day. I'm thinking it was about 2 - 3 weeks (or longer), when she suddenly started trying to stand. I continued keeping her in the cage, so the others wouldn't bother her, but did take her out several times a day, so she had room to move around. I stayed right with her during this time. It took her a week or two to regain use of her legs, once she started trying....starting very slowly at first. Now she (and "she" started crowing, so is now "he") is big, and has the biggest and strongest legs in the group. So if you have the time, I would suggest being consistent with the B complex, and just see what happens. I never did know what the problem was...haven't seen this in any of the other chickens. I'm forgetting how much time this all was 2 or more years ago. I am lucky to have a good success story, because I really didn't know what to do!
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for your post. It gave me hope. Vindaloo is getting better everyday. We live in a highset house. I keep her on the deck. I've said that once she can climb the stairs she can join the other 2 in the pen at night. She can climb stairs although it's obviously difficult for her, but the trouble is Soup is picking fights with her. She was very scared of both of the other chooks at first, but Schnitzel is being very kind. I've decided to allow them all up on the deck when I'm around in the hope that they'll get over it. I don't know what to do about the fighting.....
  6. Update. Vinnie is walking well. She doesn't run. Can't get up the ladder in the chook pen. Gets into fights with Soup. She has only missed one day laying eggs since she re-started 7 days ago And I've only had one egg from the other 2 in the same time. I thought it was because it was too hot.
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