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May 3, 2009
I'm from Virginia. Near Staunton.

I didn't realize how addictive these chickens are, but my husband, daughter, son, and I are hooked. Our chickens free range. We are selling the eggs to family and friends for $2/doz and are making enough to pay for their feed. All our chickens lay at least extra large eggs, except the SS who lays medium eggs, some are laying jumbo, and someone (we suspect the RIR) is laying a monster double yolk egg every other day or so. Our hens come running up to anyone outside, looking for a treat. They have proven to be relatively low care and are very relaxing to watch. I'm going to post pics but haven't figured out how to do it yet. My blue heeler dog initially thought of them as food, but with some training (including hitting him on the head with a chicken he killed) he has accepted them as family and is now learning to herd them a bit.

Here's what we have currently:

Laying hens (getting 9-13 eggs per day):
1 Speckled Sussex (very tame, can pick her up)

2 Silver Lace Wyandottes (dominant of the flock)
3 Australorps (great layers)
6 Amberlinks (really great layers, very curious, wander the farthest, will come in my house if I leave the door open)
1 RIR (very calm, friendly)
2 Columbian Rocks (calm, great layers)

20 Cornish Rocks (really calm, growing super fast!, will be ready in May, have tried to get them to go outside the coop, but they refuse)

6 Speckled Sussex
3 Buff Orpington's
3 Golden Comets
3 Barred Rocks
6 Americaunas

On order for April:
3 Golden Laced Wyandottes
3 Partridge Rocks

And that's all!! We currently have no roosters. Our RIR met the great frying pan in the sky after he proved to be nothing but nasty to us and our hens. I think one of our SS chicks is a rooster. Maybe he will be more docile.

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