Virginia, (outside of Charlottesville)... Searching for chicks/ducks/geese that are local to me...

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    Feb 15, 2015
    Gordonsville, Virginia
    HI VIRGINIA! I'm looking to add a few more feathered friends to my flock...=)

    I've found several places online to purchase chicks/ducks/geese, but the first issues is that most of them require that I purchase a LARGE QUANTITY, and the second issue is the SHIPPING COST in insane! I have a small flock that I intended to raise as pets & for eggs. I would LOVE to add:
    one Khaki Campbell duck, (as I already have one)...

    ***2 Cayuga ducklings...
    ***A few frizzle chicks, (hopefully one of each color; black/red/white)...
    ***A Sebastopol goose, a saddleback would be my dream, (I'd love to have two but, I can't afford to spend $100+ it would cost for two). I wonder if a single goose would be happy with just the chickens and ducks as friends, or if it would be cruel to the goose to be the only one??? I wanted to add add the goose for protection, so I wasn't concerned about the sex of the Sebastopol, but then someone told me that if I had a male it would try to mate with the ducks and possibly injure or even kill them???

    THANKS for any help anyone can offer!! Cheers ~London

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