Virginia People, where you at?

Farmin Armen

Jun 23, 2021
Hey Everyone,

I’m a CA resident flock raiser, and am considering a potential job to relocate to Richmond VA. All this is Lord willing, you know?

The job seems like a great opportunity to become a single family income home that allows the wife to raise and home school the kiddos. But, there’s a huge question that is a “make or break”: does Richmond allow backyard chickens? I have about 20. I need to live in an area with like minded chicken lovers, and a place/town that allows it. My current town allows up to 6 chickens, but most neighbors turn a blind eye to that ordinance, and we share eggs and fresh baked bread, homemade retried beans, I mean it’s nice. Although, one neighbor doesn’t like the chickens and we’ve had some issues. Anyway, I need advice on this before I commit any further thought of moving.

Backyard Chicken Lovers of Virginia, please advise.

Farmin Armen

Ps, I’ll take other town recommendations in any other state. :)
You could try posting on the Virginia state thread to find other members that can answer your questions: Virginia

Best of luck with the potential move!

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