Visitation, release and regrets

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    Nov 15, 2011
    2 weeks later.
    I'm so torn. We went back to the place that agreed to take our City code Law Breaking Roosters. They had to be kept inside for two weeks before they were allowed to be in the large outdoor pen with the other roosters. The owner warned us that there will be fighting and they may not be able to stay in that area. We took them in and they began the fast paced walking around and while dodging the lillte roosters that would dart in to antagonize them. Then I noticed my red one could not walk right. His legs looked like they would dislocate with every step! What is that all about? There is no way he could defend himself like that. We took him out and he was placed back inside the small indoor cage he had to be in for the two weeks leading up to today. The White one continued to get used to the area and did all he could to keep moving and avoid those little roos. The BIG roosters didn't bother him, The leader rooster which was the biggest and ugliest stayed close to him and never attacked. Only the smallest ones did. He was doing ok. We left him alone for an hour to see if they would be ok with him there. We decided he was fine. Another hour later.. they were attacking him. He had to be removed. I'm so sad to leave them like this.
    I'm still not convinced of the fact its a rooster. The staff there assured me it was a rooster. But, how would hey know? She has never fully crowed.. Only half mocking the red ones crow. Also, the pen had two eggs in it. So that fact that they "know" the difference is not fact. There is a hen in that group of 20 roosters somewhere. I'm so upset and not sure what to do about them.
    I'm trying to forget about them. I can't. I want the white one back in hopes she is a she. Should I have the red one put to sleep due to his legs that suddenly seem to dislocate with every step? I can't bring him home because I know he is a rooster. He has a big strong crow. They are 4.5 months old. Not sure what to do.
    please advise.

    original post

    Today we gave up our roosters. I'm really sad and resentful. I resent the city for not allowing Roosters when dogs are constant with their loud yelps and disturbing barks all day. Our 4 month old just found his voice a couple of weeks ago. My heart dropped. We though we had 2 hens! We spend time with them every day, socializing, sharing treats, and being a perch for Jasmin. She/he loved to be on our shoulders. Ginger was the grumbler. He tolerated us. Once Ginger found his big strong voice, he would crow 6 times a day. I knew it was only going to be days before complaints start and then we would be forced to find a new home for them. To avoid hating a neighbor for calling the city, we proactively started looking for a new home for the two. My 10 year old daughter thought it would be bad to split the siblings up. Such a mature decision. So we found a bird rescue just outside the city limits. During the few weeks of looking for a place and delaying the inevitable, our other one started crowing! It was a different sounding one. It was only half the length of the other. It was just like when he started crowing. it sounded like he was experimenting with it until he perfected it. For the last week, I was hopeful that SHE was just mocking him and thought we could keep her and we would find her a cuddle buddy. Well, that didn't happen. We took both to the bird rescue. I wanted to keep them together. Mostly due to my own difficulty to co-mingle or socialize with others. We placed them both in a cat carrier and drove to the place. They gently talked the whole way. Once we arrived, the sound of large birds surrounded us. Peacocks, hawks, owls, ducks, roosters, and vultures. All in large pens throughout what looked like 10 acres. When it came time to take them out of the cat carrier, they did not want to come out! The sounds of big birds must of scared them. At first, it seemed perfect. I thought they would love it here and more importantly, not be cooked for dinner. They will be corintened (sp?) inside a 2x2 for two week before going out to the chicken area. The fact that the pecking order worries me, I became more worried after seeing how many other roosters there were. Im now very confused about my choice.
    I feel like I abandoned family.
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    You could post a picture of the white one with its age and we could probably tell you if it is a hen or roo.

    But chickens are social animals and probably would not be happy alone. Also if it is an only hen with a

    bunch of roos it could get hurt. If it is a hen maybe you could find a friend for it off Craigs List.
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    Nov 15, 2011
    if it's a hen, I'm bringing her home with another one. I'll look for recent pics.

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