Visiting rooster called Bruster What type and why?


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
Hello all.
I live in Suburban N.E. Atlanta, GA. Nearest farm is about 3 miles away. Starting about 5 days ago this Rooster has traveled through the woods every morning, doing his rooster thing. Err Er Errrrr! Thank God it is after 7 by the time he gets to my house.
Couple questions.
What type is he? He's a beaut.
Why did he all the sudden start traveling to our house, and why our house?
He's pretty friendly, I guess. I've come across some mean old roosters in my lifetime.
What do they eat?
It's funny cause he's my natural snooz in the morn. I can hear him Errr Er Errring about 6:30am from far away. By the time he gets to our house it's time for me to get up!
Any help will be appreciated.
Bet he's "advertising"-- What else would he be doing??? "Calling ALL Hens!!! Brewster the Rooster Here-- Announcing the Commencement of the Spring Fling!! Your Coop or Mine--Take a Number, Save Your Place in Line!!!"
He is a cross breed rooster. He is pretty, and looks weird because he only has muffs and no beard. I am going to guess that he has some easter egger in him.
Some people just set roosters loose in the woods because they have too many, and dont care what happens. I would tell you to get a few hens, and start raising chickens. They eat layer pellets, they are about $11 for 50 lbs, and they should last awhile if you just have one bird, lol. Once you get to know him, you will more than likely want some hens for him, thats where the addiction starts.
Got any 'hot chicks' at your place? If not--time to get some!!!!!!! he sure is pretty!!!

edited to add-- If you hang around this place long enough--we will get you hooked on chickens as pets that leave you yummy surprises everyday!!
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Haha, perfect profile name.

He is a mix, My guess he probably is an Easter Egger- basically a group of mixed breed and/or randomly bred Ameraucana sold by hatcheries as "Easter Egg chickens" or even as Araucana(which is a bad boo-boo on their part.. Araucanas are a distinct breed but has traits that make them not so good candidates for mass-breeding).

Most Easter Eggers have a body type similar to "your" rooster. He has a single comb, which is a bit unusual as most EE have pea combs, however very possible as EE are mixed birds in the first place. So it's probably that or an EE crossed with another breed.

Animal feed stores have bags of feed made specifically for chickens so you could try that or if you don't really intend to keep him or get more chickens.. things like bread, cat food, wild bird mix, left over pasta etc will be liked. Don't leave a bowl of food outside at all times as that will also attract undesirable creatures such as raccoons, possums etc..

You'd be surprised at how many or where people keep chickens. Small coops or flocks with just a few chickens are very easily overlooked or not seen.. there probably are a few chicken keeps much closer to you than you think.

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