Visiting rooster enough to produce chicks?


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9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
We do not have a rooster but the one a few houses down has been visiting for 4 days now. I've seen him have his way with the chickens more than once. Just wondering if we could allow our broody hen to sit on a few eggs and get chicks now?? Or if 4 days isn't long enough to do the job?
Fertility is going to be low and unreliable-that's my guess. A little longer with a steady roo would be much better.
My guess is your "visiting" rooster has decided to take up residency if he doesn't have any girls at home. I'd give him at least a couple of weeks, if not more, to get the job done before I'd try to hatch any eggs. The odds of having fertile eggs would be much better.

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