visually impaired hen??

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Because of a move and no coop on the farm--I had to leave my chickens for a caregiver to take care of them. I go once/twice a week--to take treats, food, give fresh water but the day to day care is being done by someone else.. Whe I went by Wed. I found one of my hens looking very thin and not aggressively eating mealworms or birdseed like the others... She had nothing in her crop.. I realized she wasn't seeing well. While watching her today, she found the water and stood in and drank. She was pecking laying pellets from the feeder... I gave her a huge tub of plain yogurt , sprinkled w/ mealworms and birdseed...she ate like a pig BUT still wasn't eating like a normal hen...sorta--hit and miss... I dusted them all (mites) and wormed them.. Cleaned out the coop and feeder and water tubs/hanging ones and added electrolytes..

    Now, that I think about it--she has acted a little 'off' her whole life (2yrs old)... She is a sweety, never ran away, I would have to put her into the run at night, and she has never really wanted to be on the roost..

    Does this sound like a vision problem?? I am at a loss... Thank you
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    I have a hen who can see but has an obvious depth perception issue. She must have a pile of feed in front of her-she can't pick up a piece of grain or a berry or a bug. If I hold a couple of blueberries in my hand, she still misses, but pecks till her beak hits one. So, yes, she could certainly have a vision issue like my Tiny.
  3. Dixiedoodle

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Thank you Spkld Hen..

    How do you make sure she gets enough to eat? How old is your Tiny?
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    Mar 12, 2011
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    I too have a BR that has vision problems, she acts a lot like yours but she always finds the food because she squaks until one of the other hens answers her, it's like she's asking for directions:) Our RIR would sleep with her on the floor for awhile but now she sleeps alone, at the top of the ramp until we go out and put her on the roost. She did get up there by herself one night last week (they are 24 wks. old) but that's it. It's funny, our special needs girl is the only one of four that is laying a beautiful brown egg for us every day:D It makes those extra steps to the coop every night so worthwhile. I hope your chicken gets better and finds her way to the food soon. Jean

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