Vladimir(Dracula's bride) hatch button quail



Bird lover,idk I'll think of something later 😂
Jun 22, 2020
Thank you Nabiki for these lovely button eggs 🥚, me and my fiancée will now try to hatch out Vladimir his wife(i demand she be named Mina Harker) ahem, lol 😆 they are in the incubator and it is now day 0.


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Did a quick candle on them all strong signs of life and heartbeats 💓 tiny tiny pin prick heart thobs, lol but 3 had no signs and i think not fertile but im not a expert, which i marked these 3 in the beginning cuz they had that air bubble thing with mutible tiny bubbles near it that just slosh around when u candle it, so i marked them on top them a circle besides the mark we gave it on the side, candle pick of the three, and pics of yoke, first yoke i broke 2nd yoke easily poured out 3rd yoke easily slid out, the 2nd yoke pic is the broken one on left and the 2nd eggs yoke on right might be semi broke idk, but we got 6(meant 6 eggs forgot the right numbers lol) thriving ,one of them seemed bigger then the rest ill have to keep track and see if its bigger when it hatches.


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My younger sis is coming over to play with Vladimir and anubis and help candle the eggs in about 2 hours so ill take pics and vids today is day 9 so should be lots to see
Feeling horrible cuz pics and vids are postponed till tomorrow XD she couldnt make it and wants to see it and i dont want to do multible candles .

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