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  1. kateklaire

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    Mar 29, 2009
    anyone know how a rooster feels without his voice? Does he care? I'm guessing given the choice he would choose it over death. But what about his quality of life?

    second, does anyone know how complicated it is and if it is expensive?
  2. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Southeast USA
    I would never do it.

    most vet surgeries are expensive.
  3. Sunny the Hippie Chick

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Brookings Oregon
    Back when I was in High School.. I was given a mixed breed banty with 6 chicks.. One was never happy unless it was with me.. I taught it to sit on my shoulder when I walked around. It never went poo on me.. Then one day it started to get real colorful. I knew it was a rooster. It didnt crow for a long time.. It just kind of urked.. I asked in 4 different towns if they would de-crow a rooster. He was special to me and I would have paid the price for it. But none of them would even think of doing it.. Not even the closest vet that practiced on birds.. When he finally found his voice. I had to rehome him. That was the sadest day of my life..

    If any one knows if this can actually be done. If I ever find that special roo that I want to keep and cant. I would gladly drive accross the state so I could keep him.. I lived in a town, no roosters.. But the town I live in now is bigger. Funny thing is you can keep a rooster here if there is no complaints.. And here you can have 10 chickens. THe tiny town I was from, you could only have 3..

    It would be neat if you could de-voice a rooster.. Think about all the people that live in towns that could keep their favorite roo. And be more self suffiecient and can actually produce their own fertile eggs..

    Sorry Im a bit bored and am writting way to much..
  4. RobinJM

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    Mar 9, 2011
    I know this is a very old thread BUT I have a Barred Rock that is SO LOUD I mean LOUD that I need to rehome her. I live in the City of L.A. and the neighbors have started to complain. I am devastated.

    Is there a way to operate to take out their voice box? I would rather do that than get rid of her....
  5. Tracyree

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    May 6, 2011
  6. RobinJM

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Yes. her. She is SO LOUD it is shocking. It starts at 6:00am and continues most of the morning. She sounds like a peacock and is almost as loud as a peacock.
  7. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    I dont think a bird would survive a surgery like that...
  8. RobinJM

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Luckily, I found a new home for my beloved Nugget. She lives in a rural area of the City of Los Angeles now so her constant loud squawking does not bother anyone.. except maybe the other chickens!
  9. birdpond

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    Mar 5, 2012
    Atlanta area
    I am wondering the same thing - is there any way to at least make the crow SOFTER? Maybe not remove the voice box completely, just remove some of its 'umph'. I am concerned because there is less and less land available so who will get to keep the roos, just factory farms? There must be some way to save all these cockerels lives by reducing the only real complaint people have with them - breaking noise ordinances.

    I adore my roos and live in fear of the day I might have to rehome them. I am managing one by keeping him in my home in a 'night cage' with his hen and only letting him into my yard between 10 AM and 3-4pm on weekdays when everyone in the neighborhood is at work. When he is VERY noisy he gets to take a nap in the (empty) tub in the bathroom with no windows - - It's a lot of trouble but this noisy Silkie just can't stay out full time. It's the best solution I've been able to come up with - if I had more roos it would be unmanageable. But if I could find a way to make his crow a whisper, he could still live a full life and I could keep him--- and any others I fell in love with.

    Anyone here got any ideas? There MUST be a way. The crow-control harnesses I've seen must be a joke, btw ?
  10. maryif

    maryif Just Hatched

    Feb 8, 2013
    I too am desperate to find some sort of possibility in this category! I have 3 guinea fowl (all males - they are actually quieter than the females!) They are not yet a year old, perhaps 10 mo. I rent a detached cottage on a large property of approx 9 acres - the majority of which is taken up by my landlord's house & a couple other attached parsonages he rents out. The guineas are still quite vocal when they see strangers, the grounds keepers (which are here 3-5 days/week), and when cars come up & down the main drive. They also will carry on when it is windy, rainy & for no apparent reason which I am sure is just that they see a hawk or coyote lurking about (regular in this area) which we don't see. I got them last year when we were having a severe tick infestation that was so bad we were finding them in our bed at night! We were having to check the dog every time she came in or out of the house which usually turned up 2-3 attached ticks each time. It was completely unnerving. I even found one crawling out of my hair & onto my face while I was at work which is an hour from our house! I got the guineas & unleashed them on the property & from that day forward we have not seen a single tick! They were truly a god send. However, we have a new neighbor to the east which has complained to the landlord consistently about their squawking. The landlord has tried to give the neighbor excuses to buy them time to grow up & calm down, but the neighbors just aren't having it. We have been told they must go. We feed our dog & two cats an all organic raw meat/bones/organs diet which we pay a premium price for through local farms and much of the time in bulk from Whole Foods when something is on sale (we'll buy 40lb cases to get the additional case discount, & they grind them all up for us). So the dilemma is I can not justify giving them away to someone who will likely just turn them into food anyways when we buy food for our pets that comes from some bird of likely inferior quality (comparatively speaking) which will have to be killed also. I love having them around for pest control, and I have come to love them as my little friends too. The always quiet down whenever I come out to them or stick my head out the door & talk to them, and they coo at me through the windows & will follow me around the property.. At this point if there were some operation that would make them mute and enable them to continue living here, I would likely do it!
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