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Jun 12, 2021
Hello, it's me again! The ducks are 11 weeks old tomorrow and are relatively settled into their voices...I think.

Can someone let me know which sex they think they are based on their voices? They all sound very similar so it's hard as I have nothing to compare it to!

No sign of any drake feather on anyone yet!

No description available.

Thanks for the help!


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Jun 12, 2021
The two infant are both drakes, I don't think I ever saw your furthest one quack so not sure about him/her.
Females sound like this-
And are much louder/more talkative than drakes.
Thank you! That is what I was thinking but wanted someone to confirm!
The one in the back is by far the quietest, but when he
(I need to get used to saying that! 😂 ) does talk, he sounds like the other two.

When should I expect their drake feathers to come in?

Also, these are the only three I have, so with there not being a female in the mix, they should be ok together right?

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You might have to give the boys each a bachelor pad during mating season if you see one or more being the subject of aggression or mating, yes drakes will mate drakes. Best thing is to just watch an wait. @thumper650 has bachelor pads for his boys


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Mar 10, 2018
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Drake feathers come and go, but those quacks are boy quacks. I hear that all day, since my boys live behind my house.
I do have to separate my four, 2 runners, 2 pekin, into “teams” for the summer months. Last week team pekin had to be separated, as they were fighting excessively. They’re back together now.

Best advice I can give is be flexible, and build little fences if needed. Some have all boys with no fighting, my experience has been different, and seasonal.

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