vomiting and lethargy in 2wk chick


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Oct 5, 2010
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We got young chicks (mixed breed) at a fair last week. Today one was found lying wet in the waterer, eyes closed. It seems to be vomiting up brown chunks (chick starter?) & wont stand or open its eyes. I'm wrapping it in warm towels and spoon feeding a water/acv combo. Is there any chance for this chick? We've had another of the 3 (who was a week younger) randomly die. The remaining chick is alert and active with no signs of illness.
Sometimes there isn't much you can do... nature takes it course and some chicks dont make it to prevent weak flocks. Nothing you or anyone did just failure to thrive. Sounds like your doing all you can. Keep it warm and be careful not over feed/water it since that can cause more problems sometimes. If you can get the chick to eat you could try some yogurt.

I would also suggest you get another chick or 2 for your loner chick. They are flock animals and seem to thrive better in "groups" than alone.

Good luck with the sick one hope he/she gets better for yah.
Oppps almost forgot....
That's what I figured. I feel bad for my kids. They're learning about having an urban homestead the hard way this week. A coop door got left open the other night...we don't really have local predators, and it was dark when DH went to shut the coop up. He didn't notice one door open. DD let the dogs out on Sunday morning and the chickens were in the yard. Our Basset scared the girls' Leghorn so much she dropped dead. Other 3 are fine. But that was a HARD loss, so I hate that we're going through another so soon.

Now to figure out how to just get 1 or 2 chicks. I can't have many more than that. And I want an EE & a silkie....not common around here.

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