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Apr 2, 2016
New York
Hi, My duck is Waddling Weirdly and i don't understand why, One leg go's infront of the other when she walks. I also don't understand why her body is so slow to the ground. Please Help!
can you upload a photo or video? what breed is she? age?

Been laying?

I would get her into a tub of lukewarm water, let her float, and watch her closely.
Age: About 2 1/2 Breed: Pekin

I will upload a Video Tomarrow and send it to you.

And i will also do the bath tomarrow and i will send you a video of her in the bath
I haven't Seen Many eggs in the flock even though i have 4 Female. I haven't Seen any eggs today, I saw eggs 2 days ago, but she has been waddling like this for a while and i thought she just was like that, but i wanted to make sure nothing was wrong

I also Bought your Book!
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I am trying to think of possibilities.

Being eggbound can cause them to walk oddly sometimes. A quick overview of treatment for that is bath, extra calcium, possibly anti-inflammatory and antibiotics (one of our ducks was eggbound last week).

Botulism, a toxin, can cause them to walk like they are drunk. The toxin needs to be flushed out, or at least a charcoal slurry, and lots of fresh water, time in a quiet, safe place.

Sometimes they can pull a leg muscle. Epsom salt compresses, and ointment like T-Relief or comfrey salve.

If possible, vet help is best. But it's not always an option.

And thank you very very much for buying the book! I hope you enjoy it! Its purpose is to share true stories, in a simple, low-tech small book.
She's been walking weird for a while now, Her body is Very low to the Ground and her legs go in front of each other. The only thing i wonder is why her body is low to the ground and leaning forward but shes not falling. She doesn't act drunk she acts perfectly normal.

Your Book Looked really good I have high hopes for it!

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