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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by BirdBoy88, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. BirdBoy88

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    Dec 26, 2007
    I thanks to everyone on here i no everything that i need for my homemade incubator i'm going to be making soon! [​IMG]

    but i have one more question!

    sense i'm useing a still air incubator how many times
    do i have to turn the eggs each day?

    most people say 3 times a day but [​IMG] then i'm seeing other people
    sayin they turn there eggs 5 or 7 times a day and i'm confused.
  2. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    At least 3x per day. Some do turn more often like 5 or even 7 times.

    An odd number is recommended so that opposite sides of the egg get the 'long' stretch without turning each day.

    Good luck with your bator plans!
  3. Great info [​IMG] Good luck!

    As far as the rest RINC [​IMG]
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