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    Oct 6, 2014
    My 2 chickens are 22 weeks old - they are my first. They sleep in their coop at night, but I let them run in the yard during the day. I am dying waiting for them to start laying and I'm afraid they might have a hidden nest and I'm missing it. I know I could keep them in for a few weeks, but they love being out so much. Are hidden nests hard to find? I have an Americoura and a Buff.
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    You could follow them around in the morning.

    You could also just keep them in till about 10 AM and that should be sufficient since most eggs will be in the morning.
    Are their combs bright red or more pale?
    This time of year, commencement of lay is often delayed due to shorter days.
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    Are their combs red? Are they squatting when you try to touch them? If you are home when they lay I guarantee you will know it LOL! First time layers especially put up quite a fuss. We thought someone was dying when our RIR laid her first egg. If you still think they are laying and they are hiding them, you might try keeping them in the coop for a few days. It can take hens a while to know where to lay.
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    Quote: [​IMG] Oh...so...true!!

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