"Waiting is the hardest part" - when will the girls start to lay & how old do you think they are?

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    My long awaiting POL's arrived 3 days ago. They have settled in really well. They are not at all agressive and react to my voice really well (I have spent almost 2 full days talking to them). I have been reading posts about what age hens start to lay and I have to say that I don't know exactly how old they are. I have read about their wattles needing to be red before they will start to lay but not being familiar with the Sussex breed i'm not sure how 'red' is 'red'. I've attached a pic, anyone have a guess at how old they are and when you think I should expect eggs? [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance, this site rocks!

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Where did you get them? It might say on the website somewhere. Oh and...those aren't sussex. Their red sex links/red stars. I would say maybe 15 weeks old with about 2-3 more weeks to go? It's a little stresfull settling in, so that might push it back some more.
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    Thanks so much. That reply was most helpful. I can't believe that I got the breed wrong! I was told by our Farm & Feed Store where I got them from that they were Sussex's! DOH. They aren't going back now, i'm too attached!

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