Waiting on first egg

Jul 22, 2021
Chickens are 20 weeks old now which is their estimated age to start laying so I'm just watching and waiting. I was wondering, as we're going into fall if that would delay their start time since naturally some chickens slow down or stop egg laying in fall and winter? I am not giving artificial light and don't plan to. I'm in southern AZ so we don't really get cold winter weather and the sun is still out for 12 hrs for now so I'm not sure if it's enough of a change to delay it or not. They're also recovering from dry pox, aside from the blisters there has been no changes in behavior, eating, drinking, and pooping all normal but I assume that could cause a delay also. Just wondering how long before it would be a concern that they hadn't started. They are speckled sussex and blue orpington. Oddly one cockerel about 13-14 week's old sits on the roost doing what sounds nearly identical to the "egg song" I've heard on YouTube and I thought someone laid but he's a false alarm lol.


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Being as far south as your are, the pullets could make it in under the wire and begin to lay before the days get much shorter. It will be a toss-up as to the odds of getting eggs now or after January when the days start getting longer again.

The bonus is that if they do begin to lay now, they should continue to lay through the winter. That's often the behavior for the first year.

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