Walking in the woods today, I found these.


12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
Milaca, MN
Can anyone tell me what type of mushroom's these are? I am interested in hunting mushrooms to eat, but I don't want to poison my family, and if they will hurt my chickens if they eat them? Any help appreciated.





This one is huge
Pic 5 looks like what is commonly called artists conk. It causes a heartwood rot on trees and the conk is the fruiting body.
Please be Very Careful with mushrooms there are many that are poisonous and can kill you! look up mushrooms on line there are sites that list names and have photos of them with the info as to whether they are poisonous or not. The photos you show here look like IMO they are the poisonous ones.
Oh don't worry, I am not going to eat those. I just wanted to know what they are. I won't eat them if I don't know for sure they won't kill me.
I will take a mushroom hunting class first. With the way my luck is, I would poison us if I didn't take the class first.
If you are lucky and get a good teacher those classes are pretty informative. My Brother and his wife took a class on mushrooming a while back and they really enjoyed it.
That second picture of the small white funny looking one we have one right in our back yard. very weird looking! Started out Very small and kept getting bigger now it's the size of a small marble.
I just looked up mushrooms, and that first one looks like what is called a jack-o-lantern. It is poisonous. Smells good, taste good(that is what they say. I didn't taste it) but will make you very sick.

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