want ducks for 10 acre lake but not sure what breed


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Jun 22, 2015
Gulf Coast Alabama
We have just purchased a new home with a wonderful private 10 acre lake right out in front of the house and I would like to put some ducks and other water fowl on it but I want to keep it simple and basically let them free range (with support). I have already floated 2 "islands" and I plan on installing a couple small houses on them in spring. There is an old pump house near the lake that I will use as my brooder. I have a pen attached to it now which I plan to gradually increase to include access to the water as they get older and temperatures allow.
*** most important part --> I'm not looking to breed, I don't eat duck (just a personal preference, sorry), my chickens provide plenty of eggs ... and I don't need or want more "pets". I just want some eye candy and hope they maybe eat some weeds in exchange for a safe island home, general care and supplementing their food needs. And I don't want to spend a bunch of money and watch it fly away.
So .... I would really appreciate it if anyone could make any suggestions as to breeds of ducks or geese? Can't afford swans! And if you see a flaw in my plan .... you won't hurt my feelings if you point it out. What I am thinking may not be realistic. I'm not sure.
Thanks all.

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My American buff geese are beautiful on water





. But pilgrim geese could be vey beautiful too and are much better tempered. While Africans are not always the nicest geese they protect themselves well and I find them very attractive on the water from what I've seen .
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Jul 20, 2015
New England USA
I'd recommend any of the great foraging heritage breeds.

I'm partial to cayugas because they are super sweet, love to forage and they are beautifully colored.

I'd recommend exploring the duck breed info threads posted here to see pics and read about first hand experiences.

Whatever you pick ducks or geese, I'd recommend a heritage breed. Without our help these breeds will disappear.



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