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Jun 3, 2013
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I have 3 buff orpingtons and 6 red rangers hens in with 4 older hens and an older rooster. I got the buffs since I read they are good broody hens and I want them to hatch out chicks. I want to create conditions that will encourage them to sit. How do I do this? Guess I should not gather all the eggs every day? the entire coop floor is that bedding that's 1" pcs of straw or hay and has pdz in it, smells so fresh and they love scratching through it. I have 2 nest boxes for 13 hens and several spots they've wallowed out and laid in that are just on the floor. The last ones came into lay in the end of September, is it too early for me to hope for?
It may be too early. Im assuming the BO's are under a year old? Where did you get them? Hatchery, breeder, feed store? My hatchery BO's never went broody. You may have better luck with cochins or silkies for brooding.
Silky from a breeder or any bird from a breeder is more likely to go broody Hatchery breed for eggs not broody
You never can tell with breeds. If they are provided with safety, security and rich supply of food and water, if the coops just right... any breed can go broody.

I had an ISA brown go broody and hatch for me and she was a great mum too, and they are not considered a broody breed at all. I've also had both my Plymouth Rocks go broody too, again not particularly a broody breed, but They were both great mums.

Although, I've been lucky with my broodies, there is no way to 'make' a hen go broody, all you can do is ensure they have all they need so they feel safe enough to brood. You are coming into winter now aren't you? It's probably not the right time of year for them to go broody yet anyway, but maybe in springtime you could be lucky.

Best of luck
Definitely too young. You have some waiting to do!
If you want chicks you have to get a rooster to fertilize them. I hope you know that...
It will take at least a few more months. BOs are different, some may not get broody easily while some hens will get really broody.
They make great moms, either way!
I have a roo, maybe 4 years old? Anyway, he's a real good protector and has no issues with my or my grandkids coming into the chicken yard/coop. How old do they need to be before I can hope for a broody? All the eggs we get have been fertilized (we see the bullseye spot), so I'm not worried about that part. I don't even care if eggs that would be red ranger + cuckoo marans roo hatch, I just want to not have to buy chicks again. At least that's the goal, eventually.
My most broody hen is a bantam cochin, and she went broody the first time at 11 months old. Im not sure for age on the BO, as they are not known for their super broody tendencies. I say you get a couple bantam cochins and you'll never go without a broody!
Actually, Plymouth Rocks *are* a breed likely to go broody.

Overall, it's just a crapshoot. All you can do is create a condition that makes it likely they'll want to and wait. I had TWO Barred Rock pullets go broody on me this year, within about a month of starting to lay. That's not typical, but you just never know.

Your best bet would be to make a broody box in a corner, put a curtain on the front so it's dark in there, and fill it up with fake ceramic eggs (mark them with a Sharpie so you know which they are!). I'd say put at least six in there. That will give them a private spot with an established "nest" started, and that's about the best you can do to encourage, as far as I know.

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