want to buy assorted color hatching eggs for mini incubator


10 Years
May 9, 2009
Black Forest, CO
Would love to find some assorted dark maran eggs and Araucana eggs to hatch. I just got a mini Brinea incubator that only hatches 7 eggs and would love to have a mix. Would love 3 blue eggs, 2 dark brown eggs and a few green eggs.

I have one Araucana hen now and 2 marans now but no rooster to hatch my own. I do have a barred rock rooster but I don't want his eggs! In fact he needs to go when I start to hatch.

Anyone have eggs like these I could buy from them that is an egg seller on here?

Thanks.. I've been looking online and my only options is to buy way more eggs then I need and try and pick the best ones to hatch from.
I'll probably just do that if I don't hear from anyone soon.. i'm chomping at the bit to get this hatch started.
I could do this for you if my hens were all laying.
I have Wheaten Marans, black / blue Ameraucana, and Easter Eggers.
My Marans are not laying, my EE are cutting back as are my Ameraucana.
If you don't find any soon and your willing to wait till fall or when the eggs numbers pick back up.
I'd be happy to fix you up.
Thank you both for the offers!!!
I emailed a place last night (Gabbard farms ) and they had the mix and it shipped today.. This is my very first hatch.. if I'm unsuccessful I'll be in contact.. I'm a bit nervous and hope i don't wait 3 weeks and nothing hatches.. Only a 7 egg incubator.. **fingers crossed** I need to learn how to use it right away.. i may need to check out the forums and get some hatching education before i get them on Wednesday!

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