Want to buy Sultan chick, but need thoughts about raising them in Cold


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
Hi everyone,

Ive asked this question on other threads , but havent received any responses, and Im still not sure if Im asking in the correct places..so, Ill try here..

I live in Northern Michigan, ( Lake Superior area ), where our winters are fierce.

My coop is well insulated and does have electrical running to it, however, since I just got it, I havent used heat yet now that its Spring.

I very much want either a Polish or a Sultan, but I hear that they would not survive our winters...

So, are there any Polish or Sultan owners who live in very cold climates who could tell me their thoughts???

Also, if there is anyone that have them for sale here???

Ive also been looking to buy a ROYAL PALM male turkey, if anyone knows where I could get one of those beauties , I would appreciate that too..

Thanks everyone..


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