Want to change laws to alow chickens in Batimore Co, Maryland


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Hello! I have never done this before but want to change the zoning laws to allow us to keep chickens in Baltmore, MD. Anyone in and around Baltimore Co MD who would like to join in the fight to allow us to keep chickens? Next question, is there anyone who knows any person on the county council that would be receptive to sponsoring us? We wil be setting up a webpage soon. Any other suggestions?
Yes, you can have chickens if you have an acre but we live in the suburbs and have 7 illegal girls. We lost our variance appeal. So unfortunately, I have to find good homes for them. So we want to change the laws to allow chickens for homeowners with less than an acre. We scoop the poo everyday-it really doesn't smell. I put in my composter. They scratched up my dirt and ate bugs, slugs, a toad, baby rats, praying mantis, bee, worms, and who knows what else. They eat our scraps and our weeds. I didn't even mention the eggs either. Hens are soooooo useful and so interesting. The seven we have are perfect for our yard. So we want to organize the zoning board to be able to keep hens in our yards.

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