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  1. Okay--so I'm thinking my eggs aren't going to hatch...so in the meantime, I've decided just to order what I want from Ideal Poultry. I know they will let you order less than 25 chicks, but they will include roosters of randomness to fill it up--and I don't need/want those....

    I am ordering:

    2 Light Brahma Pullets
    3 Golden Laced Cochin Pullets
    2 Salmon Faverolle Roosters
    3 Salmon Faverolle Pullets
    10 Total birds

    So--any takers? You can order anything you want from their list--you pay your portion & we'll split shipping. In addition, I'll raise up the babies until they begin to feather (so you don't end up with my birds & vice versa)....
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  2. I was shipped 16 chicks from Ideal expecting roosters didn't get any in my order. I would love to get more chicks but I think the wife would kill me, and I'm across the country from you;)
  3. We don't eat our birds (although my husband would like to!) If I can't find anyone to split my order with me, I'll probably buy meat birds to fill up the box & let my husband have his wish. [​IMG]

    Although...I'm just not sure....if I can let that happen.

    The only other option I have is to sell the extra chicks....but around here there is no way I'd get more than about .50 a piece for them...
  4. Oh and I got an e-mail from IDEAL about 10 minutes ago--they said those birds (on my list) would be ready to ship on May 14th. I may opt for a later date--so they can be out in the coop in the brooder, rather than in the spare bedroom....hubby is going to KILL me...BUT if I play my cards right, I'll just pretend like I hatched them! [​IMG]

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