WANTED: A dozen bantam hatching eggs in OREGON

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    Jul 11, 2007
    Ideal let me down... bad. My broody has been broody for 2 weeks (and false broody for a week, also the week I purchased the eggs), and they have changed the order once already, so (on the day they were supposed to ship [​IMG] ) charged me more, and now, being shipped tuesday, haven't come, and I already promised a woman on craigslist 6 of the eggs. I called Ideal during business hours, no answer, I emailed, etc. OK ENOUGH OF MY LITTLE RANT....

    I need a dozen (BANTAM!! NEED TO BE BANTAM!!) hatching eggs to be shipped ASAP. Post your price, location, and breeds please!


    EDITED TO ADD: These eggs aren't just for broody Fajita, they are for my incubator as well.
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  2. Hi! I can send out a doz mixed in the morning and you should have them Mon. --- a few from the Silkie pen, a few from the mottled Cochin pen, a few from the Frizzle pen, a few from the Naked Neck pen --- if that sort of thing interests you.
    Or I can have a full doz from either of those (except the mott Cochins) if Mon shipping suits better.
    $15.00 per doz plus 'actual shipping'.


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