Wanted Arizona Barred Ameraucanas


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10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
I would like to purchase Barred, or Cuckoo Ameraucanas, or Araucanas or EE'S
Chicks, Started or Adult.
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Ameraucanas do not come in barred/cuckoo, but Easter Eggers do. Check out the breeds section, someone recently posted about barred EE's.

Yes that was me on the breeds section. Ameraucanas will not have a barred variety unless the leg color problem is solved. Slate is the only leg color allowed in pure Ameraucanas. Ameraucanas are Ameraucanas because they breed true to the A.P.A. standard and reproduce there own color. The only other way at this time is if the Ameraucana club allowed the leg color to be other than slate in barred. I don't think they ever will.

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