Wanted: Barred Rock Pulletts in ARkansas


11 Years
Oct 3, 2008
We have a small flock of Barred Rock Pulletts, We are fairly new to the whole chicken "thing" but are quickly loving every minute of it!! I would LOVE to add to our "family". So if anyone has any barred rock or another breed that would get along well I would love to talk to you.

BEnton ARK
Just wanted to say HI! cjhuthmaker - I am located in Hot Springs.
Have you checked out the group from AR? There are more than you think. If you need a link let me know or just click on search and type in Arkansas. It is the one that says If you are from Arkansas - speak up. Someone might have what you are looking for.

What group from Arkansas is there? I'm from Arkansas, and I'd love to know of a group. I'll email you for the link in case you don't come back to this thread.

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