Wanted: Black Copper/Blue Copper Marans Rooster (New Jersey)


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Jul 15, 2015
Oak Ridge

I'm looking for a blue or black French copper Marans rooster for my 14 ladies. Proper standards please. Looking for good quality. If you have one and looking to sell, please contact me. Will pick up.

Thank you
Ryannjnc: Your profile says your location sis Oak Ridge… but to which state or county. Are you in Oak Ridge, NJ? The one in Passiac, NJ (near West Mldford, NJ)?

If so, you're about an hour from me. I'm in Stillwater, NJ (between Newton -in Sussex county and Blairstown in Warren county). Is owns a well-known jewelry store in West Milford. I am very familiar with the area near West Milford, because my step-son and one of my step-daughters are jewelers and own a well-known jewelry store there. So I am frequently over there.

Since you're fairly close, you could easily make it up to Newton, NJ. I just bought a 6-month-old Black Copper Marans last Sunday from a woman who has at least 6 or 7 more BCM roosters for sale over there, besides mine. She said that she'd gotten a very male-imbalanced straight run, and could 't use all of the CBM roos. I am sue she hasn't sold all of those BCM rousers yet… They aren't the cheapest roosters, I'm sure - but they are healthy-looking and the look good (for the breed), and she seems to have raised them well.

I would even meet you somewhere in Newton center and lead you out to her rather difficult-to-find small lake community home if you like. I wanna get a pic or so of my news roo, DeGaulle, and me. He's still there, being fostered for a few weeks, til I effect major repairs on my old long-disused chicken coop & run.
I'm looking for a blue or black French copper Marans rooster for my 14 ladies. Proper standards please.

Is there any chance that you'd part with two BCM hens? I still can't find any… sigh
I would pay you very well for two… above average value. I will definitely appreciate and cherish them. You would be free to come see my coop & run, and my home, if you'd like. I am a normal(ish), non-scary, non-threatening handicapped middle-aged woman - nothing to fear. lol lol

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