Wanted: Chocolate Muscovy Duck/female "SE Michigan"


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7 Years
Jan 10, 2013
I have a lonely drake in need of a mate. He is very well tempered and was very sweet to his last female whom had past recently from an fatal illness. I'm looking for a pied bold chocolate hen with lighter chocolate coloring or anything similar to the pictures I uploaded from the internet. Please PM me if you can help me out :)


Very clean marking

I'd love to have this hen, she's awesome!

This hen is really unique another awesome duck

I really like the first hen in this photo she is what im really looking for.
My ducks are my family and are well taken care of. They learn to love us back and they like to follow us, go swimming with us and eat good quality duck feed from our hands. We treat them and train them like dogs :D

Here my last hen whom recently past
I'm sorry about your loss. It's so hard to lose them!

I wish I could help you find another girl for your drake, but good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for!
Thank You Kaessa!

I hope so too. They are amazing to have around. Something about ducks that makes them so joyful to have. :)

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