Wanted Dorking incubating eggs/for June


12 Years
Mar 1, 2008
Gladstone MI
I am planning on having dorkings, and was wondering if anyone has any and which ones and do you sell and ship the eggs. I will not be needing them till my weather starts to warm up (3 months straight of below zero weather in the morning with heat waves in the 30's by afternoon) but I would like to know that I have a source for the eggs. I will also have buff orpington's in a separate house and run Thanks

you find some. They are not too common. If you want the silver grays, you can email [email protected] Duane sells eggs and chicks. Dorkings are wonderful birds. They are slow to grow up, but excellent winter layers and very docile and content, as well as pretty good foragers. I really enjoy mine, and will be ordering more.

Thanks, I will check this out. I am glad to hear you like yours, did you get them from Duane and where is he from? Thanks again
No, I got my eggs from people on eggbid. I don't remember the sellers, now. I think I saw some on there a while back again. One of mine is red, the other is colored. Duane is in MN and is known for his excellent stock. He has several other breeds available, as well. reading his price list, he stops shipping in May, but if you order for the last part of May, it should be close to the date you want.

You can email them for a price list. They also list a phone number on the price list, but I don't have permission to post it so I won't. He is a friend of a friend and shows from the same stock he sells.


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