Wanted: Frizzled Olive/Easter Eggers


The Lady Gadfly
8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Fort Smith, Arkansas
I'd like to find some frizzled Easter egger eggs. The goal is to have frizzled hens that will lay green or blue eggs to go with our olive egger NN rooster. PM me pics and prices, please. Naked Necks would be great, but aren't a must. Obviously, I need clear photos of parent birds AND the eggs they lay, so that I may make an informed decision. Timely communication is necessary.

The photos above are boy that we currently have. He is not for sale.
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I have a nice flock of frizzle Easter Eggers that should be laying soon. I can get some photos and let both of you know when they're laying. Beth I'd be interested in trading for showgirl eggs if you wanted when my frizzled EEs start laying.

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