10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
Paulding County Georgia
Hi I am very new to the incubating and hatching thing. Im not having great luck with it. I was wondering if anyone had any eggs that they wouldnt mind "donating" so i can practice. I dont care what breed and it really dont have to be chicken. I would appreciate any help. I would also greatly appreciate any tips for improving my hatch rates. Like I said I am learning and I have realized that BYC is the best place to come and ask questions and get lots of good advice and help. Thanks eveyone.
I dont know where you are located, but its getting very hot in many parts of the country, and I personally think its much riskier shipping eggs in the heat of summer than the cold of winter. You might be better off looking locally for some fertile eggs and practise on them.
You might want to try to find some locally and buy them, shipped eggs are much harder to hatch than non shipped eggs. Check out local farmers, eggs for sale signs, craigs list, etc.
What part of GA are you located in? I know where some hatching eggs are, pickup in Tifton. If you're in that area I can give you a few more leads as well.

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