Wanted: Laying Hens in Hudson Valley New York


6 Years
Feb 26, 2013
New York
I live in Hudson Valley New York and I'm looking to buy only a few laying hens. I currently have 17 pullets that are 9 weeks old, but I have a adult rooster with no hens of age for him. I'm looking for anything that is between 5 months old and a year. I would prefer breeds that lay blue to green eggs such as the ameraucana, but I'm also interested in salmon faverolles, russian orloffs, welsummers, and speckled sussexs.
He is a Rhode Island Red, not sure of his age I rescued him from an animal horder
Near Cooperstown NY there are 9 hens and a rooster for free, all Golden Comets. You prob don't want another rooster? It seems a young guy renting/caretaking for a house got them, now has left and the house owner is back and doesn't like chickens. I am checking on the age. I believe they aren't more than a year old.

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