Wanted: Light Sussex and Marans Ohio area


10 Years
Nov 15, 2009
Looking to add a Light Sussex Rooster (could take a hen or two also) to the herd. SQ preferred as my hens are very nice.
Also looking for a nice Trio or 4 of Marans ... SQ & Color preferred.
Ohio ...
Thank you ... Colleen.
You didn't state what color variety of Marans you were looking for. Lots of colors! Be sure to do your homework before buying any Marans, there are quite a few major problems within the breed!! Check out some of the various Marans threads here on BYC, especially the SOP thread to see a lot of the faults and DQs we are dealing with. Then there is the egg color...

Read it from the beginning, it's only 31 pages, so far. The pics in there will help you to see what to avoid! https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=517113&p=31
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Thank you Debbi. I have printed out the standard that was the start of the thread. Being a show person (rabbit and dogs for 40 years) I can digest and imagine. I breed mainly for eggs and a few shows here and there. Just love the breed. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am not stuck on one specific color, but not into the whole white or black/white thing...except rabbits! Love a good REW Angora!

Thank you, again, colleen... will read the posts and go forward

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