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Dec 14, 2007
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Hey BYC'ers!

Today is Monday, Feb 28th. It's the very last day of this online recipe contest that I entered - the winner is the one with the MOST VOTES by contest's end, which is tonight at Midnight (Midwestern time.) I entered a couple of these contests, not for myself, but for my little hobby group as a fundraiser. So, they will all be voting today, but right now it's a total dead heat between me and the frontrunner. (It's 8:20 my time - right now we're almost exactly even!)

I was wondering if anyone on here would be willing to hassle with voting for us? You have to register for the site and get a password to vote, which I know is a lot to ask! But it would mean a lot to me and my hobby friends. We have these get-togethers a few times a year, where we rent a ballroom, have contests for our stuff, and hand out some neat awards. This year's expenses were about $1200, and we did cover that through our pooled entry fees and raffles, but I'd love to organize an even bigger and better event next year, and winning this contest would make a huge difference.

If anyone would like to help, it takes maybe five minutes to register, get a password, and then vote. If you're the kind of person that believes in "random acts of kindness" (like dropping a quarter in the parking meter next to you that expired so they don't get a ticket) please know that our little group of friends would really appreciate it!

Here's the info if you want to lend a hand:

Get a password to vote here:


Vote on mine here:


"Meatball Enchalada Strata" by Sommer P, Phoenix AZ.

And my mom's here:


"Easy Shepard's Pie" by Darlene B, Peoria AZ

(We are the ONLY people on there from AZ - that makes it easy to find our recipes!)

Note that my Mom and I have pledged 100% of our winnings to this event. Mom is really, really far behind, but I'm SO CLOSE! If mine won, it would raise $500 for next year's event.

In case anyone was wondering what this hobby is, it's model horse collecting and showing - it's sort of like how model trains are for guys, but it's horse figurines and mostly women are into showing them. 4-H clubs now use model horse showing as a way for kids who live in the city to learn about horses. It also is a great way for people with physical difficulties or used to ride, to stay "connected" to their love of horses even if they can't ride or own one anymore. We also get a lot of people who do this because they can't afford owning a real horse, or Moms who had horses as teens, but are too busy raising kids to take care of a horse every day. (But they can put their "model" horses in the closet for six months, and no one calls the ASPCA, ha ha!) There are also classes at these shows for people who like to repaint their own horses, so it encourages creativity and art.

But most people stay involved not because of the figurines, but because you meet other people with a common interest. Almost all of my dearest friends are people I met through this silly hobby! When so much of our community today is online, it's nice to have these events because you get to meet people in person, and spend the day having a really fun shared experience with them all. We had people from several different states show up! One gal came all the way from Canada, and when her friend from California heard she was going to be there, the CA gal "secretly" entered our show to suprise her on show day! It was really awesome. I gave away $1000 worth of prizes out of my own pocket, and when the gal won the $400 Grand Prize that I'd hand-painted, she actually cried. She's a single mom who didn't know if she could attend, because we had to charge something to help cover the hall, and she didn't know if her budget would allow it. (She drove two hourse each way with her daughter, who also is involved in the hobby.)

Anyway, it's a fun online contest entered for a silly little hobby, but keeping entry fees low and prizes awesome would mean a lot to folks like her.



AZ Spring Fiesta web site: http://azmodelhorse.webs.com/

. Remember that today, Monday Feb. 28th is the last day - so if you're reading this in March, it's already done, LOL!)

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