Wanted to buy a few local eggs- San Francisco Bay Area - Diablo

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11 Years
Sep 18, 2008
Concord CA
Hello everyone.
I would like to buy a dozen or some eggs in my local area:(California) Concord , Martinez, Walnut Creek, Clayton or someplace close.
Please contact me if you can, thanks!
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I live in Hercules and my husband goes to Concord every Thursday afternoon for fencing classes. Are you looking for eating eggs or hatching eggs? My bantam ladies are not laying very well right now (averaging about one egg per day) but if you just want eating eggs, I am expecting three of my pullets to start laying in the next month or so. They probably won't be fertile.

Hi Pete.

While I wait for my hens to begin laying, I have been trying to find local eggs too.

Most people with laying hens seem to already have commitments for all their eggs. Sigh.

I live in Benicia. The Safeway here just recently began carrying eggs from Judy's Family Farm - which is in Sonoma County. The eggs are organic, the hens truly free range. Since my Safeway has them, it could be very simple to get them at yours - or if life takes you over the bridge, come get them in Benicia!

Another possible source I have found is in Napa. There is an organic farm on highway 29 - just before the wineries begin. I forget the name of it, but they are on the right hand side of the road as you head into the valley. They have produce, organic beef and eggs. The best day for eggs there - so they told me - is Wednesday. Any other day you need to be there really early to have a hope of getting any.

Good luck!

thanks for the reply. I am looking for eggs to eat.

Soon when I move to a house, I would like to get a backyard chicken!

So if you got any extra eating eggs, email me or post here as I'm subscribed to the forum.

BTW. I read somewhere that in Concord, you can legally own up to 12 chickens!


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