Wanted to buy: hatching eggs in NC

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    Hey! We are finally moving to the country, house is almost packed, painting and starting to move this weekend! I'd like to buy some hatching eggs in a few weeks. I think in 2 weeks, I will definitely be ready, have my incubator set up, etc. These are the breeds I'm interested in, in order of preference

    1. Tolbunt Polish, standard or bantam

    2. Salmon Faverolle

    3. silver laced or mottled cochins

    4. Welsummer

    5. bc marans

    I would like to get a dozen of 3 different types to start, since I have a Hovabator, and that's all I can fit. [​IMG]

    edited, I just ordered some hatching eggs to come in the last week of Aug. I still want another doz of one of the above to go in with those.
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    I have welsummers and black copper marans and can ship you some hatching eggs. Please look at our pictures here: http://thegarryfarm.webs.com/ If I don't have the welsummers loaded, I'll get some photos of them over the next few days. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy

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