Wanted to Buy: Splash Marans Eggs this Spring


11 Years
Aug 11, 2010
Sonoma County, CA
Hi There!
I am looking to improve and increase my little group of three Splash Marans. Next time I have a broody, I'd like to get six Splash Marans eggs, hoping to hatch another pullet or two. Here is my group. If you have a line of birds that might improve my line (My birds have nice coloring, feathered legs and no sprigs on their combs. BUT I need better leg color, and the eggs are a 4/5 on the Marans scale.) PM me with photos of your birds if you'd be willing to sell me eggs (at the whim of a broody--sorry!) or we could trade. I have photos of the test hatch chicks my friends hatched out for you to see.
I just hatched some of Charm1704's eggs and got some great chicks, good hatch rate, wonderful packing. They are solid not coppered like yours by the way but would mix in fine.
I have also hatched some of crfarms birds they were nice too and some of them show copper.
Thanks for the offer! I'll check out your website. Hoping for a broody always makes me crazy. They are broody when you DON'T need them to be, then of course, when you want one (or four!), nothing happens. Sigh.
I am presently hatching splash x french copper marans. So far most chicks are going to be splash. I can provide pics if needed. They are laying well now and so far my fertility test eggs have hatched 97% Just let me know!
Hi, we live in Yuba city, and would love to have some of the splash. Please email or call Erika (530)751-1988

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