wanted to say hello and maybe show a pic or two.


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Apr 1, 2014
My wife and I "decided " to start a small flock of chickens. I have wanted to have some for quite a while but could never get her to say......ok. So when the local feed store had an add for baby chicks I took her and my daughter there and while they were looking around they happened to see all the little chicks....It was all yeses from there...LoL.. any way I founf and arranged to meet a breeder and we were soon the proud owners of seven new chicks. She had said that we could either have silkies or sizzles.....Now im courious....What do you think, or can you tell. Thanks in advance and I finally found something on the internet worth while........all of you!

about 3 wks.
Very cute chicks! Don't know much about Silkie or Sizzle chicks...just know they're cute.

Welcome to BYC!

Very cute chick! I can't tell what the breed is other than he is adorable! Kelsie has left you with the link to the What Breed page and I hope someone can help you there.

Enjoy your new adventures and welcome to our flock!

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