Wanted to share my experience with Fowl Pox

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    Hello to all!

    Recently, my flock seemed fine one day, and then the next day, not so fine! I was really worked up, because Slim Shady, my white EE hen, looked terrible....Eyes closed....not getting around very well, yet, still eating and drinking. So naturally, I start checking the whole flock out......(all 14 of 'em).

    I see these little raised bumps on their combs and faces, some had them around their eyes and they looked like their eyes were kind of itchy. Some of them shook their heads. I even saw some black, scabbed marks on their faces and combs.

    But how could this happen so quickly? They seemed fine yesterday! Well, I knew it was fowl pox because I'm always reading about chicken health.

    A good friend told me not to fret, that the worst would be over quickly, and then the pox marks will heal and all will be well. He was absolutely right!

    Fowl Pox can be transmitted by mosquitos, then passed along between chickens. There's really nothing you can do, and once they're over it, they are immune.

    Slim Shady and another red gal were affected the worst, and they were much better the very next day after I saw the symptoms. Everyone else is getting better too.

    I did add some vitamins/electrolites to their drinking water just to give them a boost.

    Now the only scary thing I heard was that if the pox get into their mouths and throats, then that can be very bad. But we didn't seem to have any of that.

    So I just basically wanted to say, don't panic. Everything will be fine. And also, I heard that once they're better they are NOT carriers. But I can't say for sure that is true.

    Take care, and I'm glad to share this with you all,
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    Excellent post, and so glad to hear your girls are on the mend! And yes, you are correct, Fowl Pox just has to run it's course and then all is well in chicken land once again....Best wishes! [​IMG]

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