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    We have a drake and duck both khaki campbells, Charlotte (our duck) has been laying for about 3 months now, she has always laid in a nest she has made in the coop every morning, she has never stayed with an egg, just lays and goes. This morning she was hiding outside behind a pallet we had left propped up she had made a new nest but this time she was sitting on the egg and boyfriend was standing watch out in the yard. Is this a sign that she might be willing to sit and hatch some eggs? I want to have her hatch some so we can get some more layers. Would I collect her eggs and then give them all back at once or just let her collect her eggs over time? How many eggs can a duck hatch at a time? I have only done eggs in an incubator with not much luck and they were chicken eggs, any advice for duck eggs? And is there a way to encourage her back in the coop? I am thinking of building a brooding box for her in there, we are in Wyoming and it is still getting pretty cold and snowing at least once a week and I think sitting on eggs outside wouldn't be a good idea...
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    You are so right. First priority - the ducks' safety. Do not leave her out on a nest where she can get too cold, or get ripped apart by a predator.

    It is a cooperative venture between you and her . . . she'll need to help you out with the project, and that is her decision.

    You might try setting up a nice nesting place. My Runners don't care for boxes, but they love nice piles of straw or shavings. They will make nests in shavings. They prefer corners, so I have attached 2'x2' plywood mini-walls at right angles to the wall of their night pen, and I pile clean shavings up in the corners. They take it from there.
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