wanting to know why my chickens are not laying


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
hi i have 19 hens which range from 2 years to 7 months old i am feeding dodsons and horrell layers pellet i all so give them something called poultry drink in there water the problem is i am only getting four to five eggs a day trying to find out if i am doing something wrong if there is any one who could help i would be very greatfull thanks steve
Well, if they are breeds designed for egg production.... many will start to slow down production wise by the second year... and some of the up and coming hens may just be waiting until spring... that's what most of mine did
Any chance something is stealing eggs? Snakes etc? Any chance the hens are hiding their clutches? Do they free range where they might be laying them in the bushes etc? And also they might just be slowing down now since the days are getting shorter.

Hopefully someone else can lend some more insight.
14 hours of daylight is about optimum for egg production. As the days get shorter, they will slow down. Other reasons could be that they are moulting, or that the older hens are just slowing down on production period.
if you put fake eggs in your laying boxes it might help. not sure im just reading raising chickens for dummies. maybe give them a tip,egg laying is hard work.
Were they laying before and have now slowed down?

What is the "poultry drink"?

Are they free ranging or confined to a run?
my chickens are in a large run. and poultry drink is a vitamin supplment. the chickens breads are black rocks and rirx which are between 7 month and 8 months old. never had eggs of at least half of them.
Both breeds are prolific layers and early to somewhat early maturing, black rocks are great in cold weather RIRx not tender either. Should have started laying by 5 months. Probably need more light as stated above.

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