Wanting to prevent problems, advice on trimming toenails, please.


Mar 10, 2021
Cache Valley, UT
I’ve noticed that my 5-toed feather-legged chicken breeds (Sultans and Faverolles) tend to have longer nails than the rest of my chickens, but not sure if that’s because the feathers inhibit their ability to scratch on the ground or if the 5 toes, which are more spindly than their 4-toed counterparts, aren’t as strong and can’t dig as deeply.
Anyway, I was out checking up on my hens this morning and noticed that one of my Sultans has a toenail that’s growing sideways. I watched her walk around, and it doesn’t seem to be twisting her toe, but it is getting quite long and I want to be proactive in preventing any injuries. I assume you can trim chickens’ toenails, but what is the best way to go about it?

I have regular nail clippers, dog nail clippers, and a battery operated nail grinder for dog nails. Fortunately it’s easy to see where the quick is in this chicken’s nails, so I assume I would just make sure I don’t get that far?


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