Wanting to raise chickens again!!


5 Years
Mar 23, 2014
I am now able to have chickens where I live but the expense seems overwhelming at the moment. I know that I'll never really recoup the initial cost but the benefit of healthier eggs and the fun of raising chickens outweighs that. In saying this I'm trying to decide what chicken coop to buy (unfortunately I don't think I can build it myself). I would like to have a coop large enough to be comfortable for 6 chickens. I have a large dog kennel (which my dog hates) so I'm going to use that for the run but I need a nice coop that will keep them safe at night. I'd be horrified to find that something had killed or eaten them during the night. Thanks in advance for any info
money is always a concern. You can build it. if you can hammer and nail, you can build a quick one in an hour, then add on as time and money allow. 4 sheets of plywood, 2 boards 2x4, etc. $30 max.

Welcome to BYC!

Getting set up can be costly. And if you can't build the coop yourself, then you will have to shop around to find the deal you are looking for. There are lots of coops on line if you do some research. I don't know your budget, but some of them are less than $500 dollars. You might also check your local Lowes or Home Depot as you might find a nice little wooden shed you can modify into a coop. You will not regret having a coop you can walk into. And the chickens will readily use a larger coop over one of those small coops. You can check your local craigslist too as many times you can find coops there as well. Oh, and stop by your state thread here on BYC. Maybe you can connect with a local member that might have some ideas for you...


Good luck in your quest. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You've gotten some good suggestions above, also check out the BYC Coops section, there have been a lot of things re-purposed into coops, and combined with the pallet coop idea, maybe you can come up with something cost effective.
Do you have any handy man neighbors or relatives that could build a good basic coop for you?

You do want a good solid coop as protection against predators but, the run has to be secure also. The chain link dog pens have openings large enough to predators (raccoons especially) to reach through. They will eat any part they can snag and pull thru the fence. You would have to secure it by running 1/2" hardware cloth around the perimeter of the fence and up about 18"-24".

A top on the run, even just stretched deer netting can persuade hawks to go elsewhere. You need to make a wire apron extending about two feet out from the run to keep diggers out.

If you only want a few chickens maybe you could get a chicken tractor it would be cheaper, or easier to have built. I'm not sure how secure they are but a lot of folks use them.

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