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    Need help , this chicken passed today, she had been unable to walk for days,been watching her,she ate and drank up until today, I checked all parts of her this whole week trying to find out what was wrong..... then when she was suffering so we put her out of her misery and I decided to check her out again.OH MY gosh. I was shocked to find what you see in the pictures.... I am thinking her Craw? full? I didn't open it, not sure I could stomach that too.but it did feel full of grain etc.....could this have been why she could not walk or was just lethargic all this time? I had not felt this huge of a lump the entire week while checking her.... could it have grown this big within a day or so? I feel sorta bad... Just curious if it is the craw or something else? the loss of feathers was after passing

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  2. BrownSheep

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    May 27, 2011
    Impacted craw?
  3. okiechick57

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    that is what I was thinking yes.but would it cause all the symptoms I mentioned?

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